• Sizes: from 250mm² up to 2500mm² square
  • Materials: Polypropylene, PVDF, Stainless Steel.
  • Type: Recessed Filter Plates, Moulded Membrane Filter Plates, Replaceable Membrane Filter Plates, Mixed Membrane Plate Packs, Plate & Frame, Gasketted Filter Plates
  • Feed Port Positions: Centre Feed, Corner Feed, External Feed, Top/Bottom Offset Feed
  • Discharge: Internal (Closed) [with upto four corner ports], External (Open) [with discharge outlet or bottom drainage]
  • Pressure: up to 30 Bar
Filter Plate spares, including:
  • Replacement Membrane Skins
  • Replacement Filter Plate Handles (Manual or Automatic)
  • Discharge Taps/Spigots (2-way, 3-way and Standard Bib Outlet Elbows)
  • Cloth Pegs (Cloth Dogs) and Caps
  • Distribution Rings
  • Filter Plate Links and Clips
  • Helicoils (Threaded Inserts)


Photo Electric Safety Barriers, Control Panel Spares (switches, relays, etc), proximity switches, pressure transducers, and parts relating to the modular electrical wiring system on Latham International Filter Presses.

Spare Parts for Ram Pumps

We stock an extensive range of consumable replacement parts for various types and sizes of ram pumps, including: Ball Valves for Suction and Delivery (Polyurethane, Nylon or Stainless Steel), Gland Chevron Sets (Chevron Seals) Polyurethane, Gland packings (Rubber and Non Metallic Gland Packing Rings), Gland Housing Kits for conversion from Rubber Gland Packing to Chevron Gland Packing, O rings, Gaskets, Valve Box Cover Gaskets, Valve Box Cover O Rings, Twinset Seals, Hypack Seals, Filters, Hydraulic Valves, Ball Valves (Balls), Valve Seats, Hydraulic Cylinder Chromed Piston Rods, Chevrons and seals, Porcelain Rams (Ceramic Rams) for your ram pump gland up to 9” diameter, Ram Bolts, Ram Washers and Ram Gaskets, Stalk Valves, Stalk Valve Springs, Stalk Valve Bushes, Stalk Valve Discs, Stalk Valve Back Plates, Oil Pumps, Solenoid Valves.

Filter Cloths

Sizes to suit Filter Plates from 250mmx250mm Square up to 2400mmx2400mm. Filter Press Cloths (sometimes referred to as Filter Bags) are tailored to suit individual requirements to suit filter presses from all manufacturers in a range of fabrics in natural and synthetic fibres including:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • PTFE
  • Cotton
  • Constructed from a range of fibres and combinations:
  • Monofilament
  • Multifilament
  • Texturized
  • Spun or Staple
  • Mono/Multifilament
  • Anti-Static


All hydraulic spares available, including cylinder seal kits, filters, valves, etc.

Filter Press Feed Pumps Spares

We are able to supply spares for a whole range of pumps, including Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps and Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Spares (to suit many brands, including ARO, Blagdon, Dellmeco, Depa, Graco, Marathon, Sandpiper, Serfilco, Versamatic, Wilden), Latham International Ram Pump Spares, Willett Pump Spare Parts, Centrifugal Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps, High Pressure Wash Pumps.

Membrane Inflation/Leak Detector

The leak detector is fitted to each plate, usually directly into the Membrane connection. Used to detect membrane squeezing operation and detect the location of any leaks in failed membranes.

Spatulas (Cake Scrapers)

To manually aid where sticky cakes are a problem. Supplied in Red as standard from stock, other colours are available on request.